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What to recycle?
Be Green, Get Green

What is the recycling rewards program?
The "Clean & Green" recycling rewards program is an incentive program created to promote recycling. Each household will be eligible to join. Overall tonnage will be divided and distributed equally to all participating households. Points will be deposited into accounts weekly by J.P. Mascaro & Sons administration. Monthly performance reports will be provided to the Municipality.

How do I sign up?
You can register online at [link] or by mail.

How do I earn rewards?
Earning points through the "Clean & Green" rewards program is easy – the more everyone recycles, the more points everyone earns! Here's how it works: recycled material is collected from each residence in the community and measured by trash haulers. The collective weight is then converted to reward points which are given to all residents who recycled. Each point is the equivalent of 25 cents worth of credits which can be redeemed at local participating businesses.

How do I redeem my reward points?

Have a vendor in mind. Then go to "log in" located on the upper right hand side of the website.

You will see this screen.


Then click on "redeem" pull down the drop down menu of the list of vendor and choose one. Click "redeem" again under the drop down menu and confirm it.

Next go to view coupon. A link to your coupon will be ready to print. Click print and head over to the vendor.

Points can be redeemed here online or through our call center at 1-888-MASCARO. Coupons and discounts can be mailed if necessary on an as-needed basis.

What happens to my reward points at the end of the year?
All points will be honored during the term of a current contract, after which 30 days.

What happens to my reward points if J.P. Mascaro & Sons is no longer the recycling coordinator in my Municipality?
All points will be honored during the term of a current contract, after which 30 days.

What happened to the old recycling incentive program?
As of December 31, 2012, RecycleBank will no longer be available in Whitemarsh Township. Residents have up to one year from the last day of RecycleBank activity to utilize all RecycleBank points accrued. Resident can keep their RecycleBank account active by logging onto their account online and participating in the RecycleBank online activities. More details of residential accounts can be obtained by contacting RecycleBank at 1-888-727-2978.

Can I continue to use my current recycling container?