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Earn Points
ACT Clean & Green Incentive Based Recycling Program

In addition to trash and recycling collection services that we provide to Whitemarsh Township residents, J. P. Mascaro & Sons is proud to introduce a new Recycling Incentive program, called “Clean & Green Rewards”. This program allows residents to earn points toward discounts/promotions at various community businesses. Recyclable material will be weighed at the end of weekly Township collection and the overall weight will be divided and distributed equally to all participating households. Points will be deposited automatically into participating household accounts weekly and the number of points accumulated can be viewed at our website www.cleanandgreenrewards.com.

Clean & Green Recycling Rewards
Participating households will receive reward points for community wide recycling. The more recyclable collected the more points will be awarded.

Clean & Green Point System for Whitemarsh Township Residents

Point System:
 0-10 lbs. per unit per week: 5 points
10-12 lbs. per unit per week: 10 points
12-14 lbs. per unit per week: 15 points
>14 lbs. per unit per week: 20 points

Clean & Green Point System for West Conshohocken Borough Residents

Point System:
 0-8 lbs. per unit per week: 10 points
8-10 lbs. per unit per week: 15 points
>10 lbs. per unit per week: 20 points

Earning Points
How Clean & Green Rewards Works
“Click the Register” link. Fill in the required information to sign up to begin earning points. Points will add up quickly and as soon as you have enough points to qualify for any discounts/promotions, simply print out the coupon to redeem your reward. Points will be awarded to all participating households that have registered beginning on the first week after registration. Points will accumulate and can be utilized at any time for any vendor listed discounts/promotions in the “get rewards” section of the website. At the end of each quarter a bonus of 25 points will be distributed to all participating households. To see a full list of participating vendors please visit our website.

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